Flat apps APK

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  • Flat Earth Conference

    Flat Earth Conference v2.7.6.1

    The 2017 Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) is a first annual conference hosted by Creation Cosmology Institute and Celebrate Truth. FEIC is composed of individuals and organizations uniting …

  • Flat Rose Icons & Wallpapers

    Flat Rose Icons & Wallpapers 1.1

    The Flat Rose theme with gorgeous UI is now available for Solo Launcher! ★★★Brand new Flat Rose style,5-STARS quality ★★★Beautiful redesigned HD (144*144) icons ★★★HD Flat Rose wallpapers! ★★★Totally FREE,with continuous update ★★★Design fo

  • Flat Weather Widget

    Flat Weather Widget 1.4

    The Flat Weather Widget shows weather at your location using a very simple, flat & precise design. The new Android L font, hand-polished design and pixel-perfect graphics make your homescreen look flawless, with any wallpaper. Tap widget

  • Cameram 360 Effects Flat

    Cameram 360 Effects Flat 1.0

    I promise you never see the frames design nice like that untill today. Cameram 360 Effects is a app with Effects and Creativity Frames for edit photo. So how to crazy when you try a Flat Frames and Effects for make Photo different. Feature

  • Flat Face Fish

    Flat Face Fish 1.00

    Flatty the flat faced fish needs your help to survive in these dangerous waters littered with mines and electric shocks and of course other fish that would love to chomp on poor sweet Flatty. Collect the green gems as you swim along, so y

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