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  • Pool Break

    Pool Break

    Pool Break is not simply a game, but the whole collection of several games. It includes Pool (8-9 balls U.S., 8 ball UK), Snooker (normal and 6-Reds), Carrom, Crokinole. The game has an on-line

  • 14-D Weather Pro - Free

    14-D Weather Pro - Free 1.02

    14-D Weather Pro Free is a beautiful designed app. With the following specifications - World wide 14 day detailed weather forecast. - Access to the weather of multiple locations at the same time - 3-hourly forecast for 14 days - Minimum / M

  • صراحة . Sarahah

    صراحة . Sarahah 2.0

    صراحة . Sarahah . saraha هل أنت مستعد لمواجهة الصراحة؟ احصل على نقد بناء بسرية تامة من زملائك في العمل وأصدقائك. في العمل عزز نقاط القوة لديك عالج نقاط ضعفك مع أصدقائك عزز صداقاتك بمعرفة مزاياك وع…

  • Women Log

    Women Log 1.3.52

    ★ Very easy to use user interface ★ Automatic period, fertile days, infertile days and ovulation calculation ★ Create notes: ● Tags - add a brief description and use them repeatedly ● The temperature…