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  • Vitality GP

    Vitality GP 1.4

    Say goodbye to the doctor’s waiting room with Vitality GP, the app that gives you access to a GP when and where you want. Book a video consultation with our network of experienced GPs who can provid…

  • Bíblia Falada

    Bíblia Falada 2.0

    A grande versão em português da Bíblia, João Ferreira de Almeida, num aplicativo gratuito para você! Faça o download agora na sua versão áudio, …

  • Mine Jumper

    Mine Jumper 1.0.0

    Your task is to help animals jump from block to block, and do not fall into the water! In the next update: 1. New animal skins; 2. New traps and boosters; 3. Shop where you can buy bonuses and new a…